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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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Free Newsletter with hints and tips about Handwriting Analysis

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“You’re about to Learn the 'Secrets'
that Most People will never Know -

How to see through pretences and get to know the hidden side of anyone you want to understand better - family, friend, rival or foe...

"Give me 1 minute and I'll give you an idea
of what you are about to learn!"

- Sandra Fisher

Discover secrets like ...

  • How to Detect Cruelty and violence simply by looking at a page of handwriting. You will also learn how to identify bad temper

  • How to tell if someone is selfish and egocentric or generous and openhearted from the handwriting alone.

  • How to see if someone has a strong character and real leadership qualities or if they are merely covering up their weaknesses with a show of bravado

  • How to spot genuine intelligence and see if the writer shows any giftedness or talent

  • How to identify rebellion and resentment in handwriting and to understand the reasons for the writer's anger.

  • How to see why people in a relationships seem to be clashing a lot. You will learn how to identify the reasons for their conflict.


  • What it really means if your handwriting is ugly or illegible or pretty and decorative. This may surprise you!

    And much, much more sent straight to your inbox.

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A Graphology Showcase

After many requests for back numbers of The Graphology Review I have collected, updated and put together all the articles, hints and tips from the first 12 issues of the newsletters in A Graphology Showcase

A Graphology Showcase

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Tips and secrets that will give you insight into the real meaning of your handwriting.

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