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A Personality Test for your Relationship


A quick personality test to give you insight
into your relationship


We all have relationship problems at one time or another. Sometimes the problems are minor - at other times they are more serious.

But whatever the nature of our relationship problems, we tend to tackle them in pre-set ways.

By continuing to react to a situation in the same way we create a habitual response. We react according to habit - often without thinking!

How do you react when confronted with a relationship problem?

Test yourself with this quick and easy personality test. Here are 4 of the most common ways we deal with problems in our relationships.

Which one do you use? Do you recognize yourself?

Choose the one that is closest to your own problem solving attitude. Possibly you show a combination of one or more of these attitudes.

Your answer should tell you quite a lot about yourself!


1. The Mea Culpa Approach

(Self-recriminating or the "I Blame Myself" attitude)

Some people focus exclusively on their own shortcomings in an attempt to fix the problem. These people are often guilt-ridden "mea culpa" types who accept responsibility for everything that goes wrong in a relationship.

They are the sacrificial lambs. They seem to take a perverse pleasure in accepting all the blame.

Why? Because it is sometimes easier to find fault with yourself rather than expect change to come from another quarter.

"Mea culpa" types argue that they have more say over themselves than over other people. And so when things go wrong they try to gain control either by strictly disciplining themselves or by trying to change themselves.


2. The Critical attitude

An individual with this type of attitude will always find fault with the other person in the relationship. He or she will try to lay the blame on the other party as soon as problems arise. In this way the critical individual can be absolved of all responsibility.

The critical type will expect and often demand that change and compromise be made by other people.


3. The Blinkered attitude.

This type of person is like a horse with blinkers on. He can't see the problems and doesn’t want to either.

He imagines that they don’t exist because learning about them and becoming aware of them would be too painful. This type of person hopes that if you close your eyes for long enough, the problem will miraculously disappear.


4. The Even-handed approach.

Although every relationship consists of two people, very rarely do we see people using the even handed approach.

There are very few people who manage to look at their relationships objectively. Obviously it's very difficult to examine an emotional situation from both points of view.

And yet this is exactly what is needed if we hope to find a genuine solution to a relationship problem.


The right balance

Is it possible to reach a fair and balanced assessment of two people from a comparison of handwriting? And is it possible to look at problems in a relationship from both points of view?

I believe that the answer is "yes" to both these questions. By comparing any two handwritings we are able to gain a considerable amount of valuable information about the two people within that relationship.

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