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Relationship Secrets

 Insights that will make you change the way you see
your relationships forever

What is your relationship worth to you?   If it's important enough to you, you won’t be able to put a price on it.

And if your relationship is going through a stressful time right now (and we all go through stressful times) you will want to do everything in your power to put things right.

Don't be a victim and wait for your relationship to heal itself. Don't wait for some well-meaning third party interferer to simply add more confusion. Be pro-active and do something about it yourself - right now.

What if you were given the almost magical ability to see deep into your relationship?  What if you could get rid of all the confusion and bring your problems into the light so that you could understand what was keeping you from the happiness and fulfillment you deserve?

Well, the good news is that you can! There is a great deal that you can do to improve your relationship right now.

But there is also a caveat. You will only be able to do this if you are prepared to approach the very specialized information contained here with an open mind.  If you can do this, you will gain access to some amazing insights. Insights that will change the way you look at your relationship forever. 

Sure, tackling your personal problems with handwriting analysis is a little unconventional. Anything that breaks new ground is by its very nature somewhat different.  

But the fact remains that there's an amazing amount of information that you can uncover about your relationship simply by exploring the hidden feelings that are concealed in your handwritings.

And the information that your handwriting can give you about your relationship is so valuable that it would be foolish to let it pass you by.  Because these revelations will give you a completely new angle on your relationship.

"How is this possible?" you may ask.  Well, it may be surprising but all your hidden sensitivities, your deep hurts and personal conflicts leave an unmistakable trail of clues in your handwriting.    

As soon as you find out how to interpret these clues you'll have a clear understanding of your relationship - clearer than you ever thought possible.

You'll learn how to check your relationship for compatibility; uncover the reasons for your personal conflicts and disagreements and find the explanation for those injured feelings that have caused you so much pain.

Help for Relationships

All this information is available to you in the form of a downloadable book Relationship Secrets. It will show you how to get the inside story of your own or any other relationship. "Relationship Secrets"  will give you more insight into your relationships than you ever dreamed possible.  

Not only will you be able to spot the conflicts that are troubling you right now - you will also be able to anticipate where friction is likely to occur in the future. 

This is relationship advice on steroids.  You'll be amazed at how empowered it will make you feel. 

And one of the best things about "Relationship Secrets" is that it will show you how to uncover the reasons for your relationship problems yourself - without any unwanted input or interference from anyone else!

The step by step instructions are easy to follow.  You will be shown exactly how to compare your handwritings for personality differences and to pick out the problem areas with a glance.

You'll learn how to spot compatible qualities and incompatible stumbling blocks. And above all you'll learn how to apply your knowledge to any of your relationships - past,  present or future.   

Don't forget, this applies not only to romantic relationships - it also applies to relationships involving family, friends,  business partners and so on. 

Here are just a few of the topics that are covered in the book:

  • How to use handwriting analysis as your new secret weapon

  • Do opposites attract? And how well do such relationships last? This is clearly illustrated through handwriting samples.

  • How to check for compatibility in any relationship - an extremely valuable section!

  • 14 personality types to be found in handwriting. How to identify your own personality type - and that of your partner

  • How to identify the fiery personality in a handwriting sample.  And how to deal with this individual in a relationship

  • How to identify the cool, reserved individual from his or her handwriting and see how this person copes with conflict

  • The effect of low self-esteem on a relationship and  how to recognize the signs in handwriting

  • Emotional intensity - what to look for in your handwriting and how it affects your relationships

  • Your energy level as seen in your handwriting and the impact it has on your relationship.

  • How to identify different levels of sensuality in a relationship

and much more....

In a nutshell,  "Relationship Secrets" will help you to understand yourself and your partner as never before.

When you put any two handwritings together you'll be able to explore the nature of that relationship.

All the information you'll need is right here at your finger tips. It's in such an easily accessible form that I know you'll be delighted with it. And inspired!

Follow the steps clearly set out in the book and you'll soon learn how to explore the inside story of your own or any other relationship.  



"Relationship Secrets" is guaranteed to give you new insights that may very well change the way you look at your relationships forever. This is relationship advice with a difference!


Here is the opinion of an expert handwriting analyst:

'I recently purchased Sandra Fisher's book "Relationship Secrets in Handwriting".  The format is clear, precise and easy to follow and understand. Whether you are new to graphology or are an experienced graphologist I would highly recommend this book.'

Kathy Amos, MGA


It has been my aim to give you real value in this book.  I know that the information in it will be a revelation to you. 

I also know that it will give you a new understanding of your relationships. 

Download the illustrated book now and you will have the amazing ability to zoom into any relationship with ease.

Download Relationship Secrets at $39.95






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