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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius

Relationship Secrets

School Bullying


Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

Creating the Portrait

"The secret of a good handwriting analysis lies in
the painting of an accurate personality portrait"

An analysis of handwriting is a word portrait.

"It should describe you so well that it gives you a depth of insight into your own personality that you have never had before.

It should explain aspects of your character in such a way that you acquire a new understanding of yourself. And it should give you a glimpse into the mirror of your life so that you can see yourself as others see you."


Not just a collection of clues

Most students of handwriting analysis simply learn how to identify odd clues in handwriting here and there.

And so they end up with a list of words that have no connection whatsoever with the real personality of the writer.

But a handwriting analysis should never be a mere list of collected traits that you have skimmed off the surface of your handwriting sample.

It has to be much more than that. To be meaningful and relevant it has to be based on a real understanding of personality. 

It is this very understanding of personality that provides the essence of a good analysis and it is precisely this that makes the difference between a relevant, meaningful analysis and its poor cousin, the shopping list variety.Creating the Portrait - Your Step-by-Step Guide


The Personality Portrait

I wrote "Creating the Portrait" because I found that so many books and courses on handwriting analysis leave you high and dry when it comes to creating the personality portrait or writing a meaningful report.

This is the area where people need the most help, but it is exactly where most books and courses fall short. 

What you really need is a clear and concise method to help you with this rather tricky process.

And so I have put together a practical and sure method to show you in logical stages exactly how to go about analyzing a sample of handwriting - and how to write a personality report.

"Creating the Portrait" shows you how to make use of all the information you gathered from your handwriting sample. 

It shows you how to put all the information together in a logical way so that you can write a descriptive picture of anyone's personality.

The bottom line is that you will learn how to construct a report from any sample of handwriting - step by step.


The Eight Keys of Personality

You will be introduced to my special system that involves using "The Eight Keys of Personality" These are the essential pillars that support and give structure to every personality report that you will write.

"The Eight Keys of Personality" will help you to pinpoint the main essence of every handwriting so that you won't become lost - as many do - in a maze of unrelated symbols.

This is the most exciting part because once you have "cracked the code" of a personality you will find how easily everything falls into place. "The Eight Keys of Personality" will help you to crack that code!

Here is a glimpse at just some of the contents


Contents of "Creating The Portrait"

What an understanding of Graphology will mean to you - now and in the future.

An explanation of the different methods used by various graphologists.

How to analyze handwriting by looking at the whole picture instead of depending on single signs

The Eight Keys of Personality This is the magical secret for creating a real, live personality description. The most vital ingredient for any analysis.

How to evaluate handwriting for self-esteem - an essential part of every analysis because it affects every aspect of your life.

How to discover surprising details about the moods and emotions that motivate temperament.  Not only do they shape our personalities; they can either make or destroy our relationships.

How a tense handwriting reveals a tense and uptight personality. And what it means if you have a slack handwriting.

How to understand the meaning of rhythm in handwriting and what it means if a handwriting lacks rhythm

How we generally relate to people and the vital role this plays in all our interpersonal relationships.

Slant and what it says about an individual's tendency to become emotionally involved - or not.

How to discover someone's real focus of interest. This is the actual pivot of an individual's personality

How to discover your own Personal Power.   Find out if you make use of your Forces of Drive and Energy effectively - or not.

How to check for Intelligence

What are the personal problems and insecurities that an individual faces every day and how to find the signs in handwriting.

How specific people cope with their problems. And how they manage to handle the obstacles that stand in their way?


And in addition to all this, you will learn:

  • How to prepare a Handwriting Sample  for analysis

  • How to create a personality portrait Step by step. 

  • How to write the personality profile using all the data that you have gathered from the handwriting sample.

  • Graphological Syndromes how to work with groups of signs that make up important personality traits

  • Useful Synonyms for Writing the Report frequently used words that are needed for writing a report

  • How to present The Completed Analysis the presentation of the finished product as a report

And much more!


How to Write a Professional Personality Report

I have always felt that most courses have left out one of the most important ingredients. How to create a personality report! When I first started learning graphology I hunted far and wide to find out how to construct these reports.

Everyone taught how to assess personality traits from certain clues in the handwriting. But no one taught me how to put all the information together. I had to find out the hard way. And so I did.

"Creating the Portrait" is an answer to this and other problems. I think it succeeds. I do know that I would have walked miles for this type of information when I started to learn handwriting analysis 20 years ago!

You will find all this information clearly set out and illustrated with many samples of handwriting in "Creating the Portrait".Creating the Portrait - Your Step-by-Step Guide


Remember that "Creating the Portrait" is exclusive to Graphic Insight and you will not be able to get it at book stores.

However, you can download it right now onto your computer where you can read it or print it out at your convenience. All this information can be in your hands in minutes.

Download it now for only $39.95.




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