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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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Learn Handwriting Analysis

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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

Creating the Portrait

The Mark of Genius

Relationship Secrets

School Bullying


Learn handwriting analysis with online courses and e-books

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

"Discover the real secrets about the Hidden
Meaning of Handwriting!"


Fine words on a page say one thing, but what is the real message behind the words?


Look at the following handwriting sample: 


If you received a note like this what would you be able to tell about the writer? The words are friendly enough!

But look a little closer and you will see that there are a number of danger signals. 

There are red flags popping up all over the place

An understanding of handwriting analysis will quickly show you that this writer is

  • dogmatic and dictatorial,

  • emotionally unstable,

  • bad tempered

  • and possibly even violent!

The signs are clear to see. 

But of course, to be able to read these signs yourself, you would need to have some understanding of handwriting analysis first.

Well, the good news is that you can! The hidden meaning of handwriting


The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will introduce you to the world of handwriting analysis and open new doors for you! 

It will give you a new understanding of what makes people tick. And it will show you how to delve into the secrets of personality.

As you learn how to access the deeper message behind the handwriting you will marvel at your new insights and understanding of people. 


The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will show you step by step how to analyze handwriting with excellent and accurate results time and time again.  

You will:

Read people's hidden feelings and emotions straight off the page!

Understand even the most difficult of people. 

Gain new understanding of your own personality and find new confidence

Uncover signs of conflict and tension in yourself and in others

See the real character, nature and sincerity of the person who wrote to you.

Get to understand your opponents so that you can never be taken off guard.

Identify selfishness, inhibition, vitality, energy and many other personality traits.

Recognize intelligence, aggression, confidence and more

Identify the signs of low self-esteem.  Just this one insight alone will reveal the reason for many problems.

Find generosity and gentleness where you least expected it.  Sometimes there really is a heart of gold in the crustiest of exteriors and you will be able to see this.

You will even be able to discover what your ancestors were really like! 


Your friends will find your new expertise totally fascinating and you'll astound them with your ability to see into their personalities.

All this and more will be possible when you own -

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting 

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The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting will give you access to special techniques that will enable you to interpret the meaning of handwriting with remarkable accuracy.

You will be given the tools and all the guidance you need to start analyzing handwriting on your own.

All the information is specific, easy to understand and use.

Most importantly, it is presented in such a way that the principles can be easily applied to any sample of handwriting. 

And you will be able to verify your new-found knowledge by testing it on the handwriting of people you know.

The course is well-illustrated and includes samples of handwriting of some famous personalities. Each sample is carefully described and fully explained.

To give you an idea of the contents, here is just a small sampling of some of the many aspects covered:



  • Analyzing signatures can be a minefield. But if you truly want to find out what your signature reveals about your secret self Iíll show you how to do it hassle-free.

  • Find out what your written letter "I" says about your self-esteem and confidence. Learn how to interpret this correctly and avoid throwing your whole profile out of focus.

  • Find out why 98% of people have the wrong idea about untidy handwriting. Discover how you can avoid falling into this trap so that you donít end up with a prejudiced and misleading personality profile 

  • Discover a sure-fire way to identify extroversion and introversion from any handwriting sample

  • Find out which signs to look for if you want to access the secrets of anyoneís temperament. Failure to master these simple but important steps will totally ruin your report.

  • Lower loops can be indicative of your libido. But ascribing lower loops purely to libido is one of the worst mistakes you can make in your personality report. Find out how to avoid this mistake and discover some really fascinating answers.

  • Learn the correct but rarely known facts about left-slanted or backhand writing if you want to avoid the mistakes made by 90% of handwriting ďgurusĒ

  • Discover amazing insights about rhythm in handwriting that will breathe real vitality into your personality report and bring it alive!

  • If youíre having problems analyzing handwriting that is illegible you're probably looking at the wrong process. Iíll show you how to analyze any type of handwriting Ė legible or illegible.

  • How to discover amazing new insights about your social relationships and your place in society.  

  • If you find it difficult to identify intelligence and mental attitude in handwriting you're probably looking at the wrong clues. Iíll show you how easy it is to press the right buttons in order to get the most revealing answers.

  • When you truly understand the meaning of pressure in handwriting the lights go on. Find out how to get this one thing right, and youíll be way ahead of the rest who will continue to battle with it.

  • There are a few simple things that youíll need to know about i-dots and t-strokes in your handwriting. Itís very easy but few people apply this correctly. When you know how, youíll be well in advance of most other students of handwriting.

 And this is only the beginning!


"The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting" will put you in touch with the real essence of personality!


All the handwriting samples are displayed exactly where you need them so you'll see the whole analysis process come alive as you read. 

You'll find it fascinating and exciting to see a complete personality unfold before your eyes.

Years of research have gone into this course. I know that it will give you great value and that very special insight into personality that others only dream of.

I have no doubt you will have as much inspiration and enjoyment from analyzing handwriting as I had in writing this book.


Sandra Fisher



Comments about the course:

"I found Sandra's courses well presented, easy to read, clear, informative, well illustrated, and very reasonably priced.

I also found Sandra to be prompt, friendly, just a delight to deal with! "

Sandra, my compliments to you!!!
Varda Rose (Graphologist)



Fascinating awesome and incredible, so accurate!!!!

Dear Sandra

I am like a boy with a new toy.

I am currently working through the 1st book and I have small samples of handwriting from people who have given their permission for me to analyze.

The results thus far are astounding to say the least.

Sandra this is amazing as I am channeling into all sorts of different directions by following the course.

It is as if somehow a window has opened in my soul.

Thank you once again

Brian Faul

All this valuable information can be in your hands in minutes. 

"The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting"  is in ebook format and is exclusive to Graphic Insight.  It is  not available in hard cover. 

 Get your own copy right now for only $39.95.

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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