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Find out about having your handwriting analysed here

Analyses and Personality Reports



There are different reasons for wanting to have your handwriting analyzed. So here are 5 different reports for you to choose from.


The Standard Report will give you a basic assessment of your personality. For more information about the content of these reports go to Handwriting Analysis Services

The In-Depth report
If you want much more information in greater detail choose the In-Depth report. This will give you a much  more detailed report of your personality as seen from your handwriting.

The Compatibility Analysis consists of two separate reports together with a comparative study that will highlight the problems and areas of compatibility between any two people.

The Career Guidance Analysis
For advice about choosing a career that is compatible with your personality or for making a midlife career change, choose the Career Guidance Analysis

For full details go to Handwriting Analysis Services

Gift Certificates
A handwriting analysis makes a novel and highly appreciated gift.

Gift certificates are available for all 5 types of analysis reports. For details please contact me.






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