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Compatibility in Relationships

 How to check for Compatibility in your Relationship

In any relationship, the first thing that you will want to check out is compatibility.

If you compare your handwritings you will find many revealing signs of compatibility in your relationship.

Because handwriting analysis is such an effective tool for the evaluation of personality, it's ideal for checking out compatibility in your relationship.

You can imagine how valuable this can be if you are dating or if you are in some sort of dating relationship.

You will certainly want to know if you are compatible or not. To find out, all you have to do is compare your handwriting with the handwriting of the person you are dating.

Here are some of the most important things that you will be able to see in handwriting:


Emotional responsiveness.

When we check compatibility, the first thing we look for is the emotional responsiveness of both parties.  

A big difference in emotional temperatures would mean that you are on completely different emotional wavelengths.  

For example if you are warm and outgoing while your partner is cool and withdrawn it could be a mark against your compatibility score.

We can see this quite clearly in handwriting.


Physical energy

Are you physically compatible? Are your energy levels the same?  Big differences here can be very significant.


Intensity of feeling

Emotional intensity can either make or ruin a relationship.  A relationship can take strain if one partner is moody and intense while the other is emotionally easy-going. 

While identical degrees of emotional intensity is not essential it's much healthier to have a reasonable balance between the two.



Do you have similar levels of self-esteem and self-confidence? If there is a significant contrast here we could end up with one partner being too dominant with the other habitually taking a back seat.


Social attitude

We are always more compatible if we have similar social interests.  An extrovert who likes a lot of partying and going out would find it hard to adjust to a socially inactive lifestyle of a stay at home partner.  And vice versa.


Manner of handling conflict

Are you a forgiver or a "sulker"? Do you bear long grudges or do you make up quickly and forgive and forget?

The way you behave in an argument reveals a great deal about your personality.  This is a big test for compatibility. If for example you regularly remain silent and introverted while your partner rants and raves -  it could spell trouble for the long-term health of your relationship. 

With handwriting analysis we can find these areas of agreement and disagreement. It shows up potential areas of conflict and it helps us to anticipate where friction is likely to occur.


How to Check for compatibility in your relationship

In the book "Relationship Secrets in Handwriting" it obviously deals with compatibility.  Clear instructions show you how to assess compatibility step by step.  

There are detailed examples that show compatible relationships and relationships that are doomed to failure.  There are many  samples of  handwriting that bring the whole process to life before your eyes. 

You'll soon find that you are able to identify relationships that will succeed as well as those that are not likely to last. 

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