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Relationships In Crisis

How to interpret the danger signals
before an emotional volcano erupts


It's difficult to be objective where our relationships are concerned.

Our feelings confuse us and prevent us from seeing the facts as they really are.  They complicate things and make us behave in strange ways.

Think back to your most recent argument. Were you cool, calm and clear thinking?

If you felt angry and frustrated - probably not!

Your angry emotions probably made you give out the wrong signals so that you ended up sending out messages that you never really intended to send.

Bad messages confuse our lines of communication. And as you know, poor communication will play havoc with any relationship and throw it into turmoil.


Relationship Turmoil

When we examine the handwritings of two people in a troubled relationship we can actually see where things are going wrong.

Handwriting helps us to understand the turmoil.

This is because we leave a trail of clues about ourselves on paper as we write. And violent emotions leave strong footprints. It's an unconscious action.

Now these unconscious signals on paper are like the markings made by a seismograph as it detects underground movement before an earthquake.

In fact, these markings in our handwriting clearly describe the emotional volatility currently in our personalities.

Signs of Turmoil in Handwriting

Erratic pressure, disturbed flow and many little directional changes in handwriting are the signals that herald temperamental changes in personality. We can see turbulence and emotional upheaval at a glance.

But of course, the trick is to be able to recognize and interpret these signals before an emotional earthquake can wreak its destruction.

That is why you should take a careful look at Relationship Secrets where you will learn how to detect the early warning danger signals that can destroy a relationship.



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