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The Anthrax letters

An Assessment of the Handwriting
in the Anthrax Letters


The anthrax letters and envelopes in the following illustrations are photographs released by the American Justice Department on 23 October 2001.

It has not been forensically proven whether or not these anthrax letters were written by one person or more. It has also not been established whether the writer has disguised his handwriting or not.

Bearing this in mind, this is a purely graphological assessment of the handwriting as seen in these letters.


Sample 1


From a purely graphological point of view these samples are very interesting. Despite the fact that an assessment from a photographic reproduction is at best limited, and although we lose a lot by not being able to see the texture and pressure of the writing, nevertheless there are a number of observations that we can make about the actual handwriting itself.

The first impression we receive from the handwriting is that the writer uses a lot of care in the formation of the letters which makes one suspect that he or she is not comfortable with writing in English.

Notice how the word "penacilin" is spelt incorrectly in the following sample while in the third sample below, you will see how even the question mark seems unfamiliar because of its laboured construction.



Sample 2


Everything is carefully executed. The obvious concentration on precision is particularly noticeable where we see not only the careful printing of letters, but also the scrupulously crossed t-strokes and the carefully placed full stops at the end of each sentence.

You will have observed that all the letters are written as capitals. But notice how the first letter of each word is larger than the rest of the word that follows. Together with the heavy t-strokes and the downward slope of the lines these signs can be seen as an attempt to intimidate.

The actual letter formations are unsophisticated. The uneven though heavy pressure, uneven baselines, varied slant, inconsistencies in size, numerous retracings, and strong downward tendency all attest to this.

Furthermore, when these indications are combined with the large spaces we find between words, we see an obsessive personality who feels detached from his or her surroundings. 

We can infer that this person shows a lack of belonging and feels alienated from those who surround him.

Nevertheless, despite the determination that comes through, there is an air of nervousness and even explosive tension. 

We see this in the uneven pressure, retracing of letters, varied slant and wavy baseline. Notice particularly the t strokes of the second sample above, where the strokes have been retraced several times. Also the "A" of Allah has been retraced several times.

In the next sample, notice how the left margin widens towards the bottom of the page. This gives an additional clue to the undercurrent of fervour that runs through the letters like an exposed nerve. All this is of course borne out by the content.

Sample 3



But there is also a strong element of fatalism. 

In this last sample, the "e" of "we" in the second line falls well below the imaginary base line as does the "r" in "America". 

There are further indications of this in other places such as the e in "die" in the third line. 

These signs together with the downward trend of the lines particularly in the envelope - show an acceptance of the inevitable.

These signs are further supported by the slow execution of each letter as well as the precision and care in the construction of the individual formations. This intensifies the sense of purpose. 

And so we see this not only as a show of acceptance but also as an indication of unwavering determination

When we examine all these indicators together - the heavy t- strokes, the dark though inconsistent pressure, the carefully drawn punctuation marks, the meticulously formed numerals in all the samples - we can only conclude one thing. That the signs of intent and determination are not only evident in the content of the letters; they also show up in every stroke of the pen and in every letter formation.

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