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Cho Seung-Hui

Cho Seung-Hui and the killing at Virginia Tech.

An evaluation of Cho's character from
the evidence in his handwriting


The following two samples of Cho’s handwriting were taken from the cover of the package he sent to NBC.  At the time of the writing he was in the middle of carrying out the massacre at Virginia Tech.


Unfortunately, the pictures aren’t clear but even so,  there are a number of things that we can see. 

Firstly, the letter formations are jumbled and the pressure is erratic. 

Then there are a number of gaps within the strokes of the letters – take a look at the N and the B in NBC of the first example.  These gaps indicate extreme anxiety and breaks in continuity of thought. They indicate a break in concentration and mental activity.

Then there are hesitation dots within the strokes – particularly in the upstroke of the N in New York – signs that he was briefly unhinged and confused during the Virginia Tech massacre. There are several other dots as well where his pen rested momentarily before moving on erratically.

In the number 30, just below NBC, the numerals are crushed together. The strokes are muddy and disjointed and the baselines are wavy – the combination of these signs point to emotional and mental stress.

The final stroke of the Y in NY and the t-bar of the following t show his violent intentions.

In short, his handwriting is intense and unbalanced.  It shows  emotional disturbance and a chaotic state of mind.



Notice also how some of the lines droop and then rise towards the end of the line.  This shows how in a single moment he was both depressed and euphoric.  His fanatical and unbalanced zeal motivated his actions.

And lastly there’s the matter of isolation.  We know from Cho’s own videos that he felt isolated from his fellow students.  But does it show in his handwriting?

Well, the sample is too small to be able to assess this properly but here are two hints that would point to a feeling of isolation.  

Firstly there are comparatively wide spaces between the words – and this would indicate some isolation.  And secondly, the letters are mostly upright with a few leftward tendencies which would indicate a measure of “stand-offishness” with resulting isolation.

Clearly, all these signs point to a person who was highly disturbed mentally and psychologically. 

Right now there is little point in presenting a personality picture – we all know that he massacred and injured so many people at Virginia Tech in a wild orgy of self-pity and madness. 

What is interesting however,  is that we can see the mental intensity and chaos reflected in his handwriting. Of course it’s hindsight. But the fact remains, it’s an unhealthy, unstable and highly disturbed handwriting.




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