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The Hall of Nasties

Jack the Ripper

The personality of Jack the Ripper as seen from his handwriting


The following illustration is said to be the handwriting of Jack the Ripper. Although it is widely accepted that this is his handwriting there is no absolute certainty about it. But even if it isn't his handwriting, the writer of this letter is a nasty, hostile and violent individual.

Note the general confusion, smudgy writing, ink filled ovals and lack of space between the words.

There is a very noticeable variation of pressure in the strokes which indicates extreme emotional instability.

The uneducated writing has a crude, primitive quality and is at the same time wildly uncontrolled and explosive.

As you study it, you become more and more aware of its base qualities. The ink seems to drip with venom...





There is no mistaking the base character of this writer. He is malicious and malevolent to the core.

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The Hall of Nasties 




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