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Jeffrey Dahmer

The personality of Jeffrey Dahmer as seen through his handwriting 


At first glance, the handwriting of Jeffrey Dahmer, seems quite normal and innocent.  But when we take a closer look we see some very revealing clues to his dangerous personality.

The very first thing that we notice is a profusion of bottomless "o's and a's that seen in such abundance can only indicate moral turpitude. 

They are the standard graphological signs for moral degradation. But we also need to look further.

In addition to those bottomless letters in Dahmer's handwriting you will also find an uneven baseline, uneven letter sizes and irregular pressure. This makes for a very volatile combination and it points to emotional unpredictability. 

Other telling signs in his handwriting are those dark horizontal strokes as well as the single down strokes of the y's and g's that show strong drive and determination. They tell us that Jeffrey Dahmer was focused and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

When strong drive and emotional unpredictability are put together in a  personality like this, they form a lethal combination. 




Look a little more closely and you will see several instances of broken letters such as the m in "am" and the S in "So."   Add these to the ink-filled e's and you have a menacing mixture of insecurity, anxiety and passion. 

And lastly, there are those unusually wide spaces between the letters that point to a feeling of separation from other people. In the context of his personality, he must have felt that the rules of society were not applicable to him.

The combination of these different factors are sufficient in themselves to support an assessment of moral ambivalence.  But when you put them together with those bottomless a's and o's it makes for a very dangerous brew.


This is an excerpt from The Graphology Review no 21.    If you would like to receive the full article you can email me at: There is no cost.


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