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The Hall of Nasties

Himmler's Handwriting

Himmler's Character and personality are reflected in his handwriting


The following writing comes form the pen of Himmler an infamous Nazi leader and war criminal responsible for countless murders in the death camps during the Second World War.

The unrelenting angular formations combined with heavy pressure and excessive forward slant indicate fanaticism.

Notice the dagger-like t-bars and the ink-filled strokes. There are no round formations or ovals to alleviate the harshness.

Even the "e" in his signature is a straight up and down stroke. There is a merciless quality that pervades the whole handwriting.

While he was cold and calculating, his extremely repressive nature was obsessive. But he was also highly strung and he was ready to erupt into violence at a moment's notice.

Undeviating in his relentlessness he was a time-bomb waiting to explode.


Himmler's handwriting:




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