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The Hall of Nasties

The Sniper

An Evaluation of the Sniper's Character from the evidence in his handwriting


Below is a page of the sniper's handwriting. There are several things to consider but the most striking aspects are the numerous inconsistencies, the large spaces between the words, the dark pressure and the deliberate, forceful quality of the strokes.

The heavy pressure and the strong downstrokes show the sniper's deliberate intent. There is a rebellious anti-social quality throughout. We see this mainly in the left slant, heavy t-bars, irregular margins and large gaps between words.

It is more than likely that this is the handwriting of the 17 year-old sniper. The roundedness together with the simplicity and unsophisticated formations show a lack of maturity while the inconsistency of slant and the variable size of the middle zone letters point to his emotional instability.

The need for lined paper and the obvious spelling mistakes also have to be taken into consideration. The sniper's lack of education together with his inability to relate socially, underpins his obsessive intention to cause harm.

But most striking of all is the calculated, callous, deliberate and intentional quality which gives this sniper's message such menace.

Look at the carefully dotted i's and carefully crossed t-bars. Also see the unusually firm downstrokes throughout. Also the speed of writing is slow and deliberate.

And finally, notice how towards the end of the page, the words lose tension and become slacker as with growing enthusiasm he warms to his subject.

He seems to be on a wave of euphoria as his mission appears to be reaching its premeditated conclusion.




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