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Emotions and Feelings

Our Emotions direct our personalities like rudders steering a boat


Our emotions and feelings are reflected in every one of our actions. The way we speak or walk or use our hands can reveal quite a lot about how we feel. Even at a distance, we can see if someone is excited or angry from his body language .

The problem is that we have all learnt how to hide our true feelings and so these physical signs alone cannot tell us enough. Voices and physical actions can be misleading and the spoken word can be manipulated in many ways.

How then, can we get beyond the pretence in order to reach the real person inside. How can we read someone's real feelings?


There is a sympathetic resonance in handwriting that reflects the emotions of the human personality.


In the act of writing, we make many spontaneous movements. These movements are recorded on paper and reflect our ever-changing emotions.

This recorded movement - handwriting - is like an open window through which we can observe the whole vista of a personality.

Handwriting is directly connected with our thought process. It is also particularly responsive to emotions such as sadness or enthusiasm. During the process of writing, we transfer our feelings onto paper and the words that we have shaped reflect these emotions.

In fact, handwriting is so amazingly sensitive that it is something of an emotional barometer.

Excitement, fear, anxiety, irritability or anger can be seen quite clearly.

This evidence of emotion in handwriting is genuine. It cannot be falsified. It remains visible for all to see provided that we can understand the "code". That is why an understanding of handwriting can be so valuable.


Handwriting and anxiety

If you write while you are feeling nervous, your feeling of anxiety will show up as an almost imperceptible trembling in the strokes of certain letters. It may not be immediately visible at a quick glance (although sometimes it is) but it will in all likelihood show up under a microscope.

This is because your handwriting is the written externalization of the vibrant activity going on inside you.

It is a type of mental photograph of your inner processes - where small quick movements reflect the inner vibration of activity within and round smooth movements show your feeling of relaxation and calm.

This is but one aspect. There is so much to handwriting analysis. It's a fascinating study!


If you too would like to understand The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting - you can do so now.

Some dynamic e-books showing you the Secrets of Handwriting can now be yours. Download them immediately and learn to understand your own unique personality and the personalities of the people you think you know!

For more information about the secrets of handwriting analysis go to
The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting





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