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A Personality Quiz

The Lion-Mouse Personality Quiz

Are you a lion or a mouse?

Here are some criteria to look for.   

But before you start, don’t think that being a lion is any better than being a mouse.  Neither of these categories is superior – they are simply different. 

So check this out: 

The Lion's Personality

A lion is a confident leader: noble, arrogant, and demanding.  He revels in the limelight and is susceptible to flattery. He takes admiration and all that goes with it for granted  – but he is also lazy and indifferent to the plight of others. 

Clearly, a lion's personality qualities are not entirely desirable unless they are mixed with something to dilute them.   

The Mouse's Personality

A mouse on the other hand is industrious, active, intuitive, mentally alert and inquisitive for knowledge. 

But he is also shy, timid, modest and lacking in self-confidence. He avoids the limelight and likes to work in the background. 

You will find that these two animal characters are easily identifiable from handwriting.

Take a look!

Here is a typical Lion's handwriting

Note how bold and imperious it is!  The pressure is dark and the letters are large.  This person is out there for all to see and respect.  There is no hiding away. The writing shows arrogance and a sense of superiority. 

But there is also a genial quality and an open frankness which makes him rather likeable.

Now here is a typical Mouse's handwriting:


Note the contrast.  The writing is small, vertical and widely spaced. It shows intellectual activity, mental alertness and an intuitive awareness. 

It also shows modesty to the point of low self-esteem.





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