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Fun Games

Here is a fun game that may be of interest to you. It's a personality game that will reveal quite a lot about you as well as the personalities of your friends and family.

Itís easy to play and anyone can take part. It's brilliant on a long car trip!

Personality Game

This is actually a type of personality test that will help you to describe any personality or character with surprising accuracy.

It's an absorbing game and you can play it as follows:


In this game, any person can be described as part bird, part horse and part muffin.

For instance someone can be described as one horse one muffin and one bird. Or 2 horses and one muffin in which case there is no bird!

You can have any combinations as long as they add up to three.

What is a bird, horse or muffin?


A person who is mostly bird is intuitive, imaginative, light and airy. In short he is birdlike, small, quick, inspired, mercurial.


A person with a lot of horse in him or her is strong, determined, obstinate, energetic, gets things done efficiently. A worker. Can have a hard streak.


A person with a lot of muffin is soft, amenable, loveable, gentle, uncomplicated and can also be foolish.

You should have the idea by now! A person with two horses and one bird is a tough character but also imaginative. A person who is three muffins is a softie - a bit of a lost cause in a way but very lovable. The world needs more muffins!

A person with one of each is rather more balanced and so on.

Now to play the game, think of the different people you know and try to describe them as birds horses or muffins. You only have to add to 3!

 Explanation of the game:
1b,1h,1m - means 1bird 1horse, 1muffin

Do you agree with the following game ratings? If not, feel free to choose you own.


      Character            Description

Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky

Hilary Clinton

Saddam Hussein


Pete Sampras

Venus Williams

Borris Bekker

Steffi Graff


Robin Williams

Mother Theresa

Margaret Thatcher

Prince Charles

Oprah Winfrey

Bill Gates

Chris Barnard

1b 1h 1m

2m 1b




2h 1m




1h 1m 1b

2b 1m


2h 1b

2b 1m

2m 1b

1h 1m 1b

1b  2m


The bird horse muffin test is a fun personality test. But of course it's just a game!

If you want to pinpoint your own - or someone else's personality with real accuracy, there's a much better way. Your handwriting holds the key to information that will amaze you.  

Handwriting Analysis will give  you a detailed personality description

For a personality test that gives you a detailed description of your personality and is quick and easy to use - you can't beat handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis is like a powerful lens that can zoom in to your feelings, insecurities, character strengths and weaknesses.

Find out how to do it yourself. You can effectively learn how to zoom into an individual's unique blend of feelings, strengths and weaknesses. 

To find out more go to: 
The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

If  you are interested  in seeing a light-hearted approach to graphology with handwriting fun for beginners go to Graphology World





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