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How to find your uniqueness


Are you different? Do you have a unique approach to life?

If you have a distinctive personality - or if you are original in any way, you may be sure that this will be apparent in your handwriting.

usual or outstanding personality traits are clearly reflected in handwriting.

A different approach

If your handwriting looks very different from any other handwriting you have ever seen - it is because you are different.  

Your handwriting reflects your unique character! It is the track, the thumbprint of your life's influences imprinted on paper.

And as there are no two identical personalities in the world, so there are also no two identical handwritings in the world.

That Special Quality

Every person is special in some way and different from every other person on earth. Even the personalities of identical twins are different because they are affected by influences that impact on their lives in different ways.

Their personality differences will show up clearly in their handwriting.

If you are strikingly different from the usual run of the mill, your handwriting will show that too.

Your handwriting resonates with a unique quality that radiates through your personality.  It reflects the emotions, thoughts and attitudes of your unique and special personality.

Clearly, there are no real rules here.  Every unique or creative personality breaks the mould.  

Discovering these differences and finding the special qualities that define your personality is what handwriting analysis is all about.

The tell-tale signs of uniqueness

One of the first signs of uniqueness is non–conformity. In fact, handwriting that appears untidy or non-conformist in some way could be the first sign of originality!

When searching for indications of originality we look for qualities such as imagination, innovation and individuality.

In handwriting, clever differences and intelligent, meaningful departures from pattern are among the first clues that reveal the unique or creative personality.   

Creativity and Genius  

Genuine uniqueness and creativity are often allied to genius. There has always been something "unique" about the genius personality.  

It often happens that creative people have unruly handwritings. 

So if your handwriting has a wild and woolly appearance, don't despair.  Picasso's handwriting was a disaster!

Beethoven, one of the world's greatest musical geniuses had a chaotic looking handwriting.  That exuberant energy that vitalized his music was also evident in his handwriting.

But there is also a fine line between uniqueness and eccentricity. While Picasso was undoubtedly a genius he was just as famous for his eccentric behaviour. You can see the unconventional quality quite clearly in his handwriting. 

In fact you will find a description of his handwriting and personality in The Mark of Genius.

As a professor, Einstein wore his hair long and walked around in shoes without socks at a time when this was seen as totally way out.

Of course, you won't be able to see that Einstein went sockless!  But you will be able to see the tell tale signs of quirkiness where it exists among certain writers.

Finding your unique genius

When you study handwriting you'll learn how to spot originality, intelligence, creativity, innovation and a whole lot more.

You'll be able to identify all these traits in your own and in other handwritings too.

But to start with, take a careful look at your own handwriting.  You may be in for a surprise!

For more about finding genius and creativity in handwriting see: The Mark of Genius.


The Secrets of Handwriting

You can learn to understand your own unique personality and the personalities of the people you thought you knew!

You can discover the Secrets of Handwriting now in The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting






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