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A Creative Genius

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien 1892-1973


Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa and was educated in England.

He became professor of Anglo-Saxon, English language and literature at Oxford University. His books were undoubtedly inspired by his in-depth explorations of the literature of Old and Middle English.

His "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" became the standard text for students and he was also known as one of the best philologists in the world.

Tolkien became famous for his remarkable books, of which The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are probably the best known.

Not only did he invent a complicated mythological world inhabited by hobbits and strange creatures in his remarkably imaginative books, but he also went so far as to invent a special language for them.

Tolkien had a very special kind of genius. His imagination and creativity knew no bounds.

His genius in no small part lay in his ability to visualize and to describe so beautifully the strange world that he conceptualized in such intricate detail.

It was a feat of inventiveness that could only have been accomplished by an author of astounding imaginative and creative ability.

The following handwriting sample comes from a discarded draft from one of Tolkien's manuscripts.

Let's take a look at it.

Illustration by permission of Oxford University Press.  .© Image copyright


Tolkien's Handwriting

Tolkien's handwriting is warm, rounded, small and cerebral.

You could almost have expected his handwriting to look like this. It has an unmistakable air of intellectuality combined with creativity.

Look a little closer and you will see that there are some words that are so artistically penned that they seem to have been written by an artist or a painter.

And indeed, Tolkien did paint word landscapes and evocative, imaginative scenery into his books.

In the third line from the bottom, the "N" in "Norw" seems to have been designed with a paintbrush Ė it is almost calligraphic.

Other capitals such as the many Rís scattered about the manuscript have a great sense of line.

These signs together with the warmth of the ductus (the fullness of the strokes) attest to his artistry, creativity and remarkable imagination.

In addition to the creative aspect which is so marked, there is also a highly cultured and academic feel to the manuscript as a whole.

The even sized letters, the careful spacing, fluency of line and attention to detail all point to a highly organized and intelligent mind.

Notice how the wavy line crossing out the work slants to the left and supports the upright trend of the letters as a whole.

Note also the wide spaces between the words of the fourth line from the bottom.

These indicators reveal Tolkienís inner independence, his ability to go it alone and to write the type of literature that had never been attempted before.

Despite the small size of the letters, there is confidence and positiveness in the dark lines. We see this also in the firm down strokes and in the consistent rhythmic quality that shows a strong sense of direction.

Tolkienís vision was constantly before him and he had every aspect of his work superbly planned. He knew exactly where he was going.

The overall impression that we gain is one of a bubbling, rich, imaginative and creative energy. Indeed, it was this very imaginative and creative energy that brought his world of fantasy to life.


This was an excerpt from "The Mark of Genius"  where you'll find many more such descriptions of "Genius in Action as seen from their handwritings.


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