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Mother Teresa

A Fine example of Communication Skills


In Mother Teresa's handwriting we have a fine example of her excellent communication skills.

Mother Teresa had a strong personality and she was able to persuade the most difficult of politicians to see things her way. She could speak to anyone from politicians, dignitaries and world leaders to the poorest beggars in the street.

From her biographical details we know this to be perfectly true.

But let us also see if we can find evidence of these communication skills in the following extract from one of Mother Theresa's letters:


In The Graphology Review No 15 we listed 10 points that indicated special communication skills.

Here are some of the signs in Mother Teresa's handwriting. that point to those communication skills:

  • Good legibility.

  • Large size

  • The handwriting slants gently towards the right.

  • There is no cramping of letters. Middle zone letters are generous.

  • Many wide circular letters e.g. o's and e's, d's and g's though they are mostly closed at the top. (There is also evidence of some interference within the circles which is a communication negative).

  • Spacing between lines rather narrow in relation to the size of the handwriting

  • The signature is positioned towards the right

Mother Teresa's handwriting shows a lot more about her character and personality.  But it also bears testimony to the fact that she was an excellent communicator and had superb communication skills!




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