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Graphology Explained

What is Handwriting Analysis?


A good handwriting analysis can give an accurate and realistic description of a personality – a description that could be difficult to acquire in any other way.

To the handwriting analyst, a page of handwriting says far more than the actual contents of the letter.

This is because the real meaning of a hand-written letter is not always apparent in the content of the message but is to be found deep within the structure of the handwriting itself.

The formation of letters, words and spacing reveals information about the hidden personality of the writer.


Handwriting is recorded movement

Your handwriting is a type of mental photograph of your inner processes. It is the written externalization of the vibrant activity going on inside you.

Written movements recorded on paper are in some respects like a cardiogram that describes the condition of the heart; or an encephalogram that reflects the activity of the brain. 

Of course these bear no real similarity to handwriting. But they do serve to illustrate how the handwriting analyst, by a careful study of the trail of written movement, is able to interpret these signs in order to reconstruct the personality of the writer.

Attitudes and feelings influence the formations of handwriting. It is the handwriting analyst’s aim to translate the meaning of these formations into language that will best describe the nature of the personality concerned.

In a handwriting analysis, the depth and accuracy with which a personality can be described often seems amazing. But in order to achieve this, the analyst needs to have a blend of technical expertise and human understanding. 

It is a combination which demands of the handwriting analyst both scientific accuracy and creative synthesis.





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