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A Key to Personality

A page of handwriting can tell you far more 
than the actual contents of the letter


Handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology, provides answers to many questions connected with personality. This can be achieved with such depth and accuracy that it often seems uncanny.

To the Graphologist, a page of handwriting says far more than the actual contents of the letter because the handwriting itself reveals so much more about the true personality of the writer.

Spoken words can be manipulated to hide real thoughts and feelings; but the genuine emotions and attitudes inherent in the handwriting that forges those words cannot be falsified. 

The reason for this is that handwriting is intimately connected with one’s thought processes and emotions and is therefore a very personal part of one’s make-up.

Written words take shape on paper in spontaneous movements that minutely reflect the attitudes and feelings of the writer so that handwriting becomes a fine and sensitive gauge of sentiment.


A good handwriting analysis gives an accurate and realistic description of a personality that the reader was unable to acquire in any other way. 

But to achieve this end, the analyst needs to have a blend of technical expertise and human understanding. It is a combination which demands of the analyst both scientific accuracy and creative synthesis.

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting




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