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For personality analysis few tools are needed beyond a good magnifying glass, a specialized protractor and some files

However, forensic graphology is a completely different field from personality graphology.  Whereas personality graphology attempts to assess personality traits from handwriting, forensic graphology deals with the law.  

Not only does it investigate handwriting clues, it also examines ink and paper textures under the microscope in order to resolve disputes pertaining to questioned documents.

Microscopes and magnifying glasses

If you wish to go in for questioned documents and forensic graphology, you will need a very good quality microscope,  a set of high quality magnifying glasses and access to the type of laboratory used by police departments.

As a forensic graphologist you will no doubt wish to have your own microscope, high end magnifying glasses and other tools of the trade. In any event you should be prepared to appear as an expert witness in court cases that involve fraud, contested wills and so forth. 

Magnifying glasses with wide lenses and built in lamps provide excellent lighting in addition to magnification and are the preferred types for the purpose.








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