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Pretty Handwriting

Pretty handwriting can sometimes be deceptive


The following sample though brief, is a good example of pretty handwriting.


It reveals a pleasant personality with little depth.

There is little strength in the handwriting and the focus is on decoration rather than on communication.

The writer is pretentious and ineffectual. So much for looks being able to deceive!

Now the next sample is a little different.  It's an excellent example of a rather simple decorative handwriting combined with perfectionism.

This too, shows pretty handwriting which is pleasant to look at but holds little depth.




The first observation is that this is weak handwriting. There is no strength in the strokes.

There is a good sense of line in the capital D and particularly in the capital N of "Noticias." But notice how the decorative element is too conservative to be really artistic.

Also note the even base line and regular middle zone which indicate perfectionism.

"A sense of design" is the best way to describe this handwriting because it is decorative rather than imaginative.  It is also conventional rather than creative





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