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The Uses and Application of Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis is a non-invasive and objective method of assessing personality quickly and efficiently


How is graphology used?

Graphology is used with excellent results in the home, in schools and other educational institutions as well as in the workplace and in business organizations.

Handwriting Analysis is used in the following situations:

Personal Relationships

Handwriting is  analyzed to check compatibility in all types of personal relationships. Where family members are incompatible or find themselves in situations of conflict, an analysis of their handwritings will highlight the areas where personality clashes occur.

In all areas of communication, and wherever people need to understand one another better, be it of a personal, social or professional nature, a handwriting analysis can provide deep insight and penetrating revelations.

In Education

Handwriting Analysis is valuable in the field of education and in the counselling of students. It is particularly useful where interaction between teachers and pupils or between the pupils themselves is problematic.

If more teachers were given access to information about Handwriting Analysis, they would be able to create a better climate of understanding between themselves and their students.

Children under-achieve because of low self-esteem and other personality problems. An analysis of handwriting can help us to discover and encourage latent skills or talents that might have gone unnoticed.

Career Guidance

Handwriting analysis is also used for career guidance where knowledge about personality is essential in order to match the individual correctly to the type of work that would best suit his or her personality and interests.

Personnel Selection

In the selection of personnel, handwriting analysis is an invaluable tool for helping to choose the most suitable person for the job.

It is also useful in existing job situations where major personality differences can have an adverse effect on employer - employee interaction as well as on the managerial staff itself. Handwriting analysis allows us to focus on these problem areas in order to correct them.

Job Applicants

For job seekers handwriting analysis provides an added bonus in that it requires no painful or embarrassing interviews which a sensitive candidate is likely to see as an invasion of privacy.

Because of nervousness, an otherwise perfectly qualified applicant may not be able to do justice to an interview. As a result, the employer may end up with a completely incorrect assessment of the applicant's suitability for the post.





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