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The Meaning of Signatures

Your signature is your personal logo or trademark


Your signature is a written picture of how you see yourself in relation to others.

You’ll notice that where a signature is written simply and looks similar to the rest of the handwriting, the writer has a balanced and down to earth opinion of himself. He is modest and unassuming.

On the other hand, where the signature is much larger than the rest of the writing it shows a writer who is trying to impress.

Any writer who has a signature that is very large and flamboyant is trying to project himself as being far more important than he really is. 

By signing his name with an ostentatious flourish, he is attempting to make up for his underlying feeling of inferiority.   

It may not be apparent on the outside, but in some way he feels insecure. In this case, the size of the middle zone letters will give you a more realistic indication of his true self-image. 

So whenever you see a large signature and a basically small handwriting you may be sure that the writer is sending out an appeal for attention. He is begging to be noticed. 

A handwriting analysis cannot be made from a signature alone as there is too little to go by.

Nevertheless here are two signatures of interest. The first is the signature of Barak Obama. It shows a more outgoing nature with quite a bit of showmanship - he can clearly play to the crowds.

Signature of  Barak Obama


And here is the signature of John McCain which is more restrained and very down to earth.

Signature of John McCain


This is just a small example of what signatures are all about. But you will find much more about signatures and their meaning in "The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting".


The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting





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