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Universities and Colleges offering Courses in handwriting analysis


Universities, colleges and educational institutions around the world are starting to recognize the role that handwriting analysis can play in the assessment of personality. 

In its early years, psychology battled to achieve academic acceptance. Both Freud and Jung fought hard to win acceptance for psychoanalysis.

Similarly, handwriting analysis has had an uphill battle to win recognition from the formal institutions of learning. Academic acceptance has been slow but there are encouraging signs now from many parts of the world. 

Today, Universities and Colleges that offer courses in graphology may be comparatively small in number but they do exist and more and more are coming forward to offer their programs. 


Universities offering courses in graphology

In Italy, The Ministry of Education has recognized degree courses in Graphology at two universities.

The University of Urbino  is one such university.  For some years now it has been offering degree courses in Graphology and produces highly competent graphologists with academic and scientific backgrounds. 

A Master's Degree in Graphology was offered by Urbino University in 2003.

A recognized degree in graphology is also taught at Lumsa University in Rome.

In Argentina, the Emerson University College of Buenos Aires received official recognition in 1997 for its degree in graphology.

Other universities that offer courses at various levels are:

Glasgow University in the United Kingdom and the Universities of Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich, Fribourg, Hamburg, Bielefeld and Berlin in Germany,

In Spain, there are several universities that teach graphology.  They are; The University of Valencia, The University of Cordoba, The University of Barcelona as well as the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.


If you have information about a university in your area that offers courses in Graphology please contact me so that I can add it to this page.


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